After investing significant period of time in the mall determining the best idea camera for all of us, we finally are able to afford to purchase for your eye-popping, 7 megapixel, 10 x zoom, potable, chocolate colored, as much as 512MB expanding memory of super hi-speed SD memory and as well as very mobile, (that'll be the envy of just about everybody we all know). We march towards the mall equipped with our existence savings and lotsa pride in ourselves, whenever we go by a brand new display - an eight megapixel, as much as 1G expanding memory, with built it mic and stereo system surround, video playback capable, with 22 scenic modes kind-of-camera. And that we sigh since the producer of the amazing gadget claims that this is actually the best camera yet available. And thus once we always wish to have the very best, equipped with our existence savings along with a couple of charge cards, we purchase the "best camera." However again, that does not last too lengthy, after two several weeks approximately, there's another "best camera." 

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